About the Roastery

Our principle is to offer coffees that are prime examples of every origin country. To show people how coffee has different characters in different regions. So if we are looking for coffees to roast we find beans that reflect the taste of the region. For example we want our Kenyans to always have blackcurrant taste or our Ethiopians to have floral and black tea notes.


At the same time we are trying to change the understanding that quality coffee or specialty coffee has to be super expensive. So we are putting effort on finding cheaper coffees that have really good quality.
We want to show that big part of good taste is also processing the coffee in clean mills and roasting it properly.

So there are two main paths we are following – high-end and quality coffee.


Henry Politanov

Founder & Head Roastmaster


Märten Kuusemets

Roastmaster & everything else